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Tanker Hijack


Title: Tanker Hijack

Genre: Action

Brief Synopsis: Tanker is a film about Konrad Brock, an ex firefighter but now a cursed sailor who gets caught in a catastrophic storm. The sailboat sinks and he’s rescued by a supertanker loaded with 3 million barrels of sweet crude oil

When Somali pirates use mini-subs to hijack the oil tanker, Konrad is forced to defend himself against pirates and Captain Nicholas Vasilelos who are in it together with the Saudi’s and Wall-Street brokers to drive world oil prices up on stock exchanges.

But when a stranded yacht filled with children are also rescued for extra leverage for the hijackers, Konrad must not only save himself but protect the children and hostages before world crude prices peak to unaffordable levels and the oil tanker is steered to run aground in a world heritage archipelago.

Think like: Die Hard and Under Siege

Logline: Running from his past a ex-firefighter takes to sailing but after a enormous storm he is rescued by a oil tanker and now must fight for survival as Somali pirates hijack the ship