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I Want That Girl

Think Like: Something About Mary

Title: I Want that Girl

Genre: Buddy Comedy

Logline: When a shallow guy poses as being a spiritual guru to attract a beautiful girl, he has to maintain the illusion or risk losing her

Brief Synopsis: O.K. We’ve all heard it, seen it, or even done it especially if your male! When a guy’s desperate to sleep with a girl, he’ll say and do anything to get into her pants. I Want That Girl, is a comedy about Duncan meets Angelia a girl way out of his league. She’s a yoga instructor and super health freak. He is a meat eating, beer swilling, unemployed, poker loving guy. They are total opposites. His buddies buddies bet him some much needed cash and he can’t get with her. So what does he do? Duncan claims he’s all spiritual and can Astral Project out of his body and have out of the body experiences. He wants to win the bet and of course full of pride wants to prove he can sleep with her. Wacky and goofball situations arise as he maintains the illusion and doesn't realize that she has taken a vow of abstinence but worse still, the unthinkable happens. Against all odds, and his buddies friendship he actually falls in love with her