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Genre: Family/Animation

Title: Chickadee Chicken

Chickadee Chicken

Think like: Finding Nemo and Chicken Run


Logline: When a baby chicken accidentally hatches in an abandoned crows nest he believes he can fly but must must his parents to teach him.

Brief Synopsis: Chickadee Chicken is an animated story about Chickadee, a loveable, courageous baby chicken who hatches accidentally all alone in a crows nest of all places. When Chickadee is plagued by other animals and birds to the reason why he cant fly, Chickadee realises he has to find his parents the Crows, believing he is one to show him how to fly. But when a Lyre bird takes him deep in the forest to find his answers, Chickadee is chased by predators and told is a flightless bird from the Owl and never be able to fly. Chickadee must now find his way back and traverse though predator infested terrain and cross a torrential river. But by a chance meeting with some intelligent Ravens telling Chickadee that flying is so very easy with the power of his thoughts in spite of the fact that other animals will stop at nothing so never gets back to the chicken coop where a worried Mother Hen knowingly waits that Chickadee is alive apart from the other Hens negative outlook.